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Common Computer Science and Information Technology B. Tech Projects

Project Title:
 Online Railway reservation management System

Project Abstract and brief report:
Application will allow users to view trains between two station, see seat availability, check fares and to book the ticket depending on availability. If you are doing it as a final year B. Tech. project then you can also include provision to choose your seat according to interest through an interactive user interface. Login module should allow only authenticated users to book the ticket, see booked ticket history and check status of booked tickets.

Other requirements for project: Analyse IRCTC website and find its flaws (I am sure you can find many if you are a regular student) try to include provisions that improve robustness. Make use of existing solutions related to distributed system that can allow the site to handle very large number of users at any instance.
Source code implantation languages: For implementation any server side scripting language such as php, asp or jsp can be used. You should make use of your HTML, CSS, javascript knowledge to make the system more interactive and user friendly.

Keywords: irctc, online reservation, online railways, railway management project, Indian railways

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Project Title: Employees management System

Project Abstract and brief report:
You can also call this project as universal employees management system or an Employees information system. Project will allow admin to add new employees after proper authentication. Admin can also add new departments and posts. It can allocate employees to different departments at different posts. Database should store all personal details of employees such as date of birth full name etc. and his educational background, work experience, skill sets, current and past projects in different tables with proper relations

Source code implantation languages: Concentrate in proper ER Diagrams, use MySQL or Oracle for database functionality  System can be coded in visual basic, java, php or jsp depending on whether you want an offline application or an online one.

Keywords: employees management system, employees information system, employee database project, software, web application, vb dot net, visual basic, java, c#, php

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Project Title: Library management System
Project Abstract and brief report:
Project should have different level of access for different types of users. It should allow library manager administrator to add new books in database under different categories. It can also add/delete/modify a category. System should integrate with existing student database and librarian should have proper access to issue a book to a particular student. Student can see issued books. Library management system should automatically send email and SMS to students who have not returned the book even after due date. System should have provision to calculate fine based on conditions set by the global administrator.

Source code implantation languages: Library management system can be coded in java or c# so as to give it look of standalone software. If you wish to include sms alerts feature then SMS gateway feature should be included. You can read more about sms gateways and their HTTP API’s in the same blog. I have written a complete blog post on SMS gateways and their operation.

Keywords: library management system, online books library project, library information management, books management system, intelligent application, database project

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Project Title: Contact management System

Project Abstract and brief report:
An interactive application for managing contacts easily. There are thousands of contact management applications coded in different languages such as vb dot net, java, php, jsp, asp etc. for variety of platforms such as desktop computer, android mobiles, windows phone, iOS etc. This application should stand out among all these apps in a way that it can be opened in any device. It should allow user to add new/modify/delete contacts. It should sync contacts with google, facebook and other popular networks. Application should allow user to export contacts in printable format if required. User should be able to query information as easily as possible.  

Source code implantation languages: Since portability is the main criteria here therefore it is advised that the system should be coded as a web application using latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, javascript. Make use of responsive web designing for making the app universal. Use PHP, JSP ar any other server side scripting language for database connectivity and processing

Keywords: contact management system, html5 project, php project, web application, responsive

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