Monday, June 24, 2013

Mind Sticks: A game that is both educational & fun


MindSticks is an addictive puzzle game that helps you to have fun and exercise your brain at the same time . Game has more than five thousand challenging levels. MindSticks can be downloaded as a windows app. It has an online version too and  is available through website

Each of the 5000 levels requires logic, skill, and patience. Each of these levels have different levels of complexity such that it is perfect for both children as well as adults. You can also create your own levels and challenge your friends. MindSticks is a game which helps you to train and test your imagination and attention.

MindSticks takes a huge hit in its presentation. Game has an intuitive and elegant user interface which is well optimized for touch screen devices that presents the player with a series of mind-bending tasks.

Windows user can download this game using the link given below:

MindSticks Windows App