Friday, April 19, 2013

Windows 8 tablets: how to create a password?

Nowadays, it’s increasingly popular that many people choose to bring a portative tablet for a business trip mobile office. Windows 8 tablet is the newest tablet released by Microsoft. With the release of Windows 8 tablets, its outstanding operation interfaces have attracted many businessmen. Besides, Windows 8 password features have also impressed many Windows 8 tablets users. In Windows 8 users can create not only a text password, but also a PIN code or a picture password. As a result, users can have more than one way to log in Windows 8. When they happen to lost login text password, they can try picture password or PIN code to log in before they have to recover Windows 8 password.

Why we need login password for Windows 8 tablets?

We are now in Information Age, in which data security is closely related to everyone. Data security on computers is a big concern to all Windows users. A login password can always serve as the first line to protect Windows 8 system security. For individual users whose Windows 8 machines are without private or important data, it may be unnecessary for them to set a login password. However, if your files in Windows tablets are vital or you are enterprise users, a login password is of great importance to ensure your password security.  

How to create a password for your Windows 8 tablets?

Text password in Windows 8 also consists of English uppercase/ lowercase letters, base digits, symbols and Unicode characters.

Step 2: In “Setting” page, enter “users” in the search box. Click on “Users” and you will then see the “Users” tap.

Step 2: Click on “Add a user” and then “Sign in without a Microsoft account”.

Step 3: Click on “Local Account” and enter your name into the user name box.                 

Step 4: Enter your password for your account twice. In case you forget your password by accident, it is highly recommended to leave password hints.

Step 5: Click on “Finish”.

After you have created a text password, a picture password or PIN code is suggested to be created so that you can log in through any of the three forms. Do as the above step 1 to “Settings” page and in the lower right corner, you can see “Change PC Settings”. Then go to “Users” and you will find an option “Create a picture password” below your account. Confirm your account by entering your text password. Now you can see on the left “Create a picture password” and “Create a PIN”. Click on them respectively to create your picture password and PIN code.

Tips & Suggestions:

1.       If you like to log in with picture password or PIN code, remember to clean the screen of your Windows 8 tablets on a regular basis, for the fingerprints may leak out your password.

2.       After you have created a password for your Windows 8 tablets, you’d better set a Windows 8 password reset disk. A password reset will save you a lot of troubles no matter what system you use, say, Windows 8 password reset, Windows 7 password recovery, etc.

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