Sunday, April 14, 2013

VITUN 4 VPN - The fastest VPN : Android app review

Check out the fasted VPN on market. VITUN 4 VPN is an android app that delivers all that it promises. It allows you to bypass restrictions, use VIOP and to make your web connection even more secure as well as anonymous. Using VIATUN you will never loose on your connection speed. It allows you to reduce your traffic expenditure up to 80%!!! Not only this through this android app can give you access to several sites that are normally blocked or restricted on your Internet connection. App has also got a built in anti-virus system.

I downloaded this app on my smartphone yesterday for testing and results were incredible. This is the fastest VPN in the market. I have used so many similar apps and my verdict is that this is the fastest VPN available.

VIATUN 4 VPN can be downloaded from Google play using the link given below

Or scan this QR Code using your smartphone to visit the download page of VIATUN 4 VPN

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