Monday, February 25, 2013

Online banking system Project

Project Title: Online banking system / Bank management System

Project Abstract and brief report: 

Online banking management system will allow a global admin to add new clients and allocate them some initial password that is sent to them via a secured channel such as email. When the user logs in for first time it is asked to changed his password. Passwords are stored in an encrypted format. User is prompted to change its password every month. Admin can credit or debit money in client’s account. Client can view his current balance and all transactions made by him.

Keywords: banking system, bank software, online bank management, banking project,  easy bank management system

Source code implantation languages:  PHP/ASP/JSP can be used as server side scripting language for coding the project. MySQL or any other database software can be used for database connectivity. Same system can me coded in JAVA and can be made functional in local area network for restricted number of users. This would require additional effort of working with network programming in JAVA.

Non Functional requirements: Security, easy user interface, robustness

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