Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finding the right keywords/Labels for your blog : SEO Tips

If “Get more by spending less” is your motto, then you are reading the correct blog post. It is important to seek out proper methods of finding the right keywords. In this post I will be describing some tricks to find the correct keywords (also known as labels or tags in some parts of blogosphere) for your articles. 

1.   See what the search engine suggests your audience
One of the most useful places to do so is search engines themselves. 
You can begin to enter a potential keyword and the search engines will make suggestions for related keywords as well. There are tools to scrap search engine suggestions for particular keywords but since I thing that they are little black hat I don’t want to go on explaining about them in the post.   

2.   Use your mind and knowledge of language
Another way of budding and generating keywords is merely through a ‘Use of related words’.  For this purpose, just choose some term that is related to your post directly and then alter it into other terms that visitors might type into the search engines to find your product or service.

For instance, if you own a cat grooming business you could use a simple term like “cat grooming” and then take that term and amend it to get another keyword that you think users will search for. 

In this case it may also be “Kitty grooming” or “animal grooming” While these keywords actually mean the indistinguishable thing, you are simply increasing your chances of obtaining more hits to your blog or website. This might require thinking on your part, but this method usually yields the best results.

3.   Watch your competitors
Do a little homework and find out about your competitors and other blogs with similar content or larger name brand stores that come up on keyword searches having good budget for SEO. Take note of terms that competitors are using and keywords that they are not using. That way, you can dominate in both search engine terms. 

4.   Use Google keyword tool
You can also make use of the Google Keyword Tool for searching what type of keywords people are typing in Google and in what volume. You can use the tool to find amount of competition for the keyword.

5.   Add keywords keeping visitors in mind
Remember that articles are written for humans not search engines. Keep this in mind and add relevant tags and labels to your blog that can help your visitors to navigate to related post as this is their true purpose.

Additionally, remember that if you are not getting results do not stick to certain keywords for very large amount of time.  If you wish to change the content of your blog posts to maximize traffic that you receive feel free to do so.
So next time you are adding labels/tags to your blog post I hope you will remember these tips and will make a quality contribution to blogosphere. 

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