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Computer science & IT engineering Final year projects and mini projects Topics

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In this post you can find some new innovative projects ideas and topics. If you are a final year computer science or Information Technology engineering student looking for good topics and ideas for B.Tech. project or mini project, you are at the right place.

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Below you can find a list of 60 new project topics for I.T. and C.S. engineering projects. Each of these projects can be implemented in any common programming language such as java,c or c++. If you are looking for web application, you can implement the same using php or dot net/c#. Most of these projects will require fundamental knowledge of software engineering principles and database systems.

List of Project Ideas and Topics (B.Tech. CS/IT)

  1. A Car Rental System
  2. Accounts Management Software
  3. Airline Reservation System
  4. Anti-Lock Braking System (Abs)
  5. Application Remote Control (Arc) Using Bluetooth
  6. Army Management System
  7. ATM System
  8. Auto Repair Shop Management System
  9. Automotive Store Management System
  10. Banking System
  11. Bus Ticket Reservation
  12. Cafeteria Ordering System
  13. Car Insurance System
  14. Car Safety System
  15. Clothing Store Management
  16. College Management System
  17. Ebook Shopping
  18. Elevator Control System
  19. Enterprise Resource Planning System
  20. Event Organizing, Planning and Management System
  21. Football Updates Information System
  22. Gym Workout Application
  23. Home Science Management System
  24. Hospital Management System
  25. Hostel Accommodation System
  26. Hotel Management System
  27. Household Budget Management System
  28. Human Resource Management
  29. Library Management System
  30. Medical Store System
  31. Mess Management System
  32. Online Admission System
  33. Online Auction System
  34. Online Course Registration System
  35. Online Education System
  36. Online Examination System
  37. Online Food Ordering
  38. Online Movie Ticket Booking System
  39. Online Recruitment System
  40. Online Recruitment System
  41. Online Shopping Inventory System
  42. Online Travel Portal
  43. Online Voting System
  44. Police Management System
  45. Power Consumption Management System
  46. Prison Management System
  47. Railway Reservation System
  48. RTO Management System
  49. School Management System
  50. Social Networking Portal
  51. Space Station Control System
  52. Sports Bulletin Management
  53. Sports Shop Management
  54. Student Attendance Management System
  55. Super Market Management System
  56. Time Monitoring Tool
  57. Toll Gate Check System
  58. Traffic Management System
  59. Vehicle Tracking System
  60. Web Publishing System
Update: 19-01-13 
I can only give you a rough idea about these topics. Use your own creativity to develop a problem statement for each of these topics based on required complexity of project and your skill set. You are the one who has to decide which technology you want to use for implementation (java/android/php etc.)

Suggested implementations for some topics: 

Gym Workout Application : Have a look at this android app : Try to use it for a few days and develop a enhancement of the same app.
Home Science Management System : You can code a simple application that can be used by house owners to store and view their expenditure such as : electricity bills, mobile bills, fees, food etc.
Power Consumption Management System : Try to develop a embedded device that can be used with any electric appliance to monitor the time for which the appliance is in used, idle and off state. Include proper algorithm for power optimization

If you need any help in implantation and realization of these project ideas then feel free to contact me via my Google plus profile (Link on top of the page). All the best for you project. Happy Coding !!!!

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