Saturday, July 14, 2012

About VIT, Vellore Student Handbook

Below is small extract from VIT Student handbook

You can see the complete handbook at

“Our purpose while creating this handbook was to help and assist any and every new student in the campus and ease their transition into life at a new and unfamiliar place by providing a catalogue ofinformation, suggestions and tips from people who have been in the very same situation themselves. At this point we would like to stress that the intended use of this handbook is solely as a reference. We have put in our best efforts to ensure that all the information contained herein is correct. We apologize for any errors that might have crept in, however we cannot take responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information given inside. How you choose to use the information given in this handbook is completely up to you, though we do hope you will find it useful in your day to day college life. We would love to get your suggestions and feedback. If you have any questions you can also reach us through our Facebook page , and we shall try our best to answer them:
Getting down to the important things, we give you a very warm welcome to VIT from the whole team of this student handbook. We are here to help you through your first few, slightly confusing weeks of getting to know this new and wonderful place. Whether you are a parent or a student, you would most definitely have a few questions and doubts in mind ranging from what kind of food is provided in the messes, to the location of your or your wards’ classes. Rest assured that the next few pages are surely going to help you clear most of your doubts. To help you in locating your particular area of interest quickly, this handbook has been divided into 5 major sections namely, College, Hostels, Academics, Clubs and Chapters and Around. College deals with the basic information regarding your schools, their offices and other information about Vellore and the college. Hostels jumps into details about the various facilities provided in the hostels along with listing certain important rules and regulations. Academics describes the amazing FFCS system from a student’s perspective along withproviding advice on choosing timetables. It also provides details about the working of the academic system with information about marking and grading along with procedures for re-evaluation. Clubs and Chapters gives a brief account of the various student bodies in the college. Around details the campus surroundings and gives a brief overview of nearby towns/cities of tourist interest. The pull out Map, found in the center of the magazine lists most of the establishments and facilities in and around the campus frequented by students.”

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