Friday, June 1, 2012

C Interview Questions | Common C pointer Interview question with solution

C Pointer/string interview questions answers

What is Output of following c snippet?
int main(){
   char *s="Abhas";
Reason: In the above program role of %s is to display the string whose address is passed as an argument. This is how a standard printf statement works in c language. Now since we have passed s- s[1]+ s[3] as an argument therefore first value of this expression is evaluated. Here ‘s’ would refer to address of first character in string ‘s’. Since we are subtracting s[1] from s[3] characters at corresponding position (that are ‘a’ and ‘b’) would be subtracted.  On subtracting ‘a’ from ‘b’ (ASCII Value) we get 1 which is added to address of first character in ‘s’ (also referred as ‘s’). Now printf would get address of second character (address of first character + 1) as argument so it will display the string starting from second position.  Hence output is bhas.

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