Thursday, May 3, 2012

VITEEE 2012 Results – Name wise Branch Predictions Rank Cutoffs for counseling

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VITEEE 2012 results can be seen online at:

VITEEE 2012 Name Wise Results

VITEEE name wise result is usually published in one of these sites one or two days after the main results.

VITEEE 2012 Rank - Branch Predictions

For VITEEE 2012 branch predictions and rank cutoff can you can refer 2011 counseling data mentioned below. But please note that trend change every year since number of seats are usually increased and number of students called for counseling also increase.

VITEEE 2011 Counselling Seat Availability Statistics

After 4000 Rank
viteee 2011 counselling 2012 predictions

After 7000 Rank
viteee 2012 rank branch predictions

After 10000 Rank

After 13000 Rank

viteee 2012 results predictions

I don’t have data for last day of 2011 (after 16000) rank since it wasn’t published online. Last year 16,000 students were called for counseling. This year they have increased the number to 20000.

 Seat availability for VITEE 2010 counseling after 11000 ranks:

viteee 2010 counselling

You can compare the counseling data for last two years to analyze and predict branch closing ranks and ranks cutoffs for VITEEE 2012.

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