Monday, May 28, 2012

C interview example programs Questions exercises

Here are some common C Interview programming exercise technical questions answers usually asked from freshers in B.Tech Computer science or Information technology by most IT companies.

Frequently asked c programs interview questions

1. Write a program to display a message without using semi colon anywhere in program.

2. Write a program in C language to swap two numbers without using third variable or any mathematical operator.
(Hint: Use logical operator XOR)

3. Write a C data structure implementation of link list and code a function that can reverse the singly linked list without using any additional link list.
(Hint: You must reverse each link as you are traversing the link list and you must keep note of next element in some variable (before reversing the link) because when you reverse the link address of its old next element would be lost.)

4. C Interview Programs to print patterns : 

1  2  3  4
5  6  7
8  9

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21

1   2   3   4
12 13 14 5
11 16 15 6
10 9   8   7

1    1
 2  2
 4  4
5    5

5. Write a program in c language to concatenate two strings without using library functions.

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