Saturday, April 14, 2012

What is C language Program and data type?

C language program

C program is instruction given to computer in c language to perform particular task. As a building is made of bricks, a C program is made of basic elements, such as expressions, statements, statement blocks, and function blocks.

C language data type

Data types are means to identify what type of data is being stored in variable.
The primary data types could be of three varieties—char, int, and float. It may seem odd to many, how C programmers manage with such a tiny set of data types. C programmers can derive many data types from these three types. A C programmer can always invent whatever data type he needs.
Not only this, the primary data types themselves could be of several types. For example, a char could be an unsigned char or a signed char. Or an int could be a short int or a long int

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