Saturday, April 7, 2012

IIT JEE 2012 Solutions answer key Download Paper cutoff and rank predictions

IIT JEE 2012 is supposed to be conducted on 8th April, 2012. Number of websites and forums are eagerly waiting for the day to come as they get hell lot of traffic on their online portals on IIT exam day. Students usually look google for following things:

1.       IIT JEE 2012 Solutions
2.       IITJEE 2012 Answer key
3.       IITJEE 2012 Cutoff

In this post I provide some good websites for each of this query where you can easily find what you are looking for

IITJEE 2012 Solution

Aaksh IITJEE is quick in publishing solutions. You can check IIT JEE 2012 Solutions in their official website at

FIITJEE IITJEE 2012 solutions can be found at

IIT JEE 2012 Answer Key

In same websites mentioned above you can find the Solution key to paper as well.

IITJEE 2012 Rank cutoff marks predictions

Number of bloggers make predictions about ranks based on marks but I advise not to trust such blogs. Even predictions of professional coachings like FIITJEE may not be totally correct. It is better that you concentrate on other important exams rather than searching for cutoff and other such information about the paper. However if you want to find your expected rank you can visit or resonance

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