Saturday, March 31, 2012

VITEEE 2012 VIT Vellore Solutions answer key rank cutoff marks pdf download FREE

VITEEE 2012 Solutions Answer key’ if you came to my blog Googling for this keyword let me tell you it is NOT here. BUT WAIT before you press the BACK BUTTON. Here is something you need to know.

VITEEE 2012 Solutions

There is no such thing on entire internet and since past four years solutions haven’t been published on internet. So my piece of advice is stop Googling and start studying. Believe me you are in very important time of your prep. Don’t waste time. Before you leave there is lot of useful information about VIT, Vellore in this page and I am sure you don’t want to miss any of that.

VITEEE Cutoff marks

Well I gave exams two years ago I really don’t remember the pattern but I guess we had 120 questions in total and there wasn’t any negative marking. I don’t know if they have changed the pattern now. But I remember after coming back to home I called one of my pal from my FIITJEE coaching and we discussed that ‘Paper was easy and around 80-90 TO SAHIN HONGE HI YAAR’. He couldn’t make to VIT but I did. So my point is since there is no actual solution therefore you can’t be sure of your performance. You might think you have done well but you might have done horribly bad. I know guys who had same rank in AIEEE and VITEEE (10K rank, which is decent in AIEEE but meaningless in VITEEE). So regarding VITEEE Cutoff marks: Wait for result. Once results are out you can predict what you will get.

VITEEE 2012 Branch prediction Rank cutoff

So somehow you know your rank and want to know what branch will you get? Will you get Vellore campus or not? For all such doubts please bookmark this page.  Press ctrl+d. Soon I will be writing a post about rank cutoffs of VITEEE. I have data for past 2-3 years. I know juniors out here. With their help I will soon write my next post to answer that question. As of now what I can tell you is that last year Vellore campus was over by 10,000 rank. And each year competition is getting worse.

Life at VIT

For all your doubts regarding life at VIT you can refer this post. They include my own blog and posts from my friends which they did as assignment.

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