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VIT Vellore College life: food, placements, weather and exams

Life At VIT, Vellore food, placements, weather 

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[Update 3-Jul-12:  Recently some VITians have launched VIT Student Handbook. According to its authors purpose of this handbook is "to help and assist any and every new student in the campus and ease the transition into a life at a new unfamiliar place by providing a catalogue of information..." You can check out entire handbook at ]

This blog is not about college life and I too am not good at blogging about such stuff. But since I noticed that I am getting good amount of traffc that comes searching for VIT so as a responsible blogger I am providing some info about VIT(Vellore Institute of Technology) life in this post. Please ignore any small mistake made by me in this post as I am not one of those brilliant English students. Most of my posts are technical this being an exception :

I will start with food bCos that’s my favourite topic. Food at VIT can be grouped in two categories:

a)      One that we get in mess AT HOSTEL
b)      Food in canteen or outside VIT near campus.

If I write in detail about type (b) food,  perhaps that alone will take one complete post so I would try to keep myself as concise as possible and will write about mess food only because that is major concern of most people.  Food outside VIT is good and there are cool places like roll center, big chick, chick-in, olive kitchen and recently one CCD is also opened near VIT.   

Mess at VIT is of three kinds North, South and special. There are several services for mess. Special mess will cost you more. For vegetable eating people you might have some tough time in VIT. My veggie friends from NORTH mess are very happy when they get bhindi jaipuri, aaloo fry (it’s like potato 65) or chola puri/bhatura. For all north Indians reading this post don’t worry if you won’t be forced to eat idli dosa in VIT. It is given occasionally in north mess as breakfast but you can always go with bread butter jam which is available daily in breakfast in all kind of mess.

Non veg mess serves you satisfactory chicken four days a week. If you are non vegetarian then life is easier as you get some good chicken every alternate day in dinner.

Special mess is also good but usually it is not so popular among first years.

Thus food in VIT mess is eatable and some time they really surprise you by making innovations. Like yesterday I came across carrot roti in mess for first time in my life. And in summers you will get things like rusna and other drinks. Problem is sometime it is too diluted but if you write in complain register quality will certainly get better.

Only three kind of weather exists in Vellore: less hot, hot and very hot.
When it is less hot, nights are usually cold and you might have to turn off fan in morning time. This will happen in end December and you won’t feel the need for this rest of the year. Please don’t bring woolens; you won’t need them I bet. I brought I jacket in first year and it’s still in same condition till now and is unpacked.

Some guys prefer AC but I personally prefer non ac rooms. It depends on you what you want.

Last year during the month of May I remember heat was at peak and I felt need for AC but my room was on ground floor so I was able to survive.

I don’t know about etc. but for guys job offers are good. This year max. placement was 12 lk. in flipkart which took 2-3 students from IT and CS.
Everyone is placed in some or the other company. If you are studious and have got something extra you will get dream offer with good salary.

If you are planning to join VIT be prepared for exams. Every semester you will give three quiz,two cats and one term end. Quizes are easy. CATs will make you enter into a battle with your sweet sleep and term end is final round of fight between you and your sleep. Win all battles and you will become a nine pointer.

In VIT students can choose their subjects and teachers. This is called FFCS. That’s the first thing that you will do once you join the college. For that I advise you to be in touch with other seniors. They will guide you which teachers to choose and which subjects to take. You can also take help of your student proctor. I have mentioned some fb pages where you can find VITians.

For rest you can also refer to post made by my friend at his blog. Read my other post at

It links to several other posts about VIT life.

If you are at fb go to these pages to know what is happening at vit :

VIT management is very active on facebook and is official page of vit. Rest other except Sekar sir’s page are unofficial pages made by VITians.

In this blog comments are closed but you can drop your comments and questions in my friends blog whose link I have mentioned in my other post.

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