Sunday, March 25, 2012

Object Oriented Analysis and design OOAD Workflows of Unified Process

·         There are five core workflows
o    Requirements workflow
o    Analysis workflow
o    Design workflow
o    Implementation workflow
o    Test workflow

  • In addition to the five core workflows, the Unified Process includes other workflows
    • Management
    • Planning
  • The aim of the requirements workflow
    • To ensure that the developers build the right information system
  • The aim of the analysis workflow
    • To analyze and refine the requirements
    • It is required to redefine the problems because problems are defined in language of client's language and may lack technical aspect. Requirements are redefined in language of programmer in this workflow.
Design Workflow
·         The aim of the design workflow is to refine the analysis workflow until the material is in a form that can be implemented by the programmers
o    Many nonfunctional requirements need to be finalized at this time, including
§  Choice of programming language
§  Reuse issues
§  Portability issues
Implementations Workflow
·         The aim of the implementation workflow is to implement the target information system in the selected implementation language

Test Workflow
·         The test workflow is the responsibility of the quality assurance group
o    Each component is tested as it has been implemented
§  Unit testing
o    At the end of each iteration, the completed components are compiled and linked together (integrated) and tested
§  Integration testing
o    When the product appears to be complete, it is tested as a whole
§  Product testing
o    Once the completed product has been installed on the client’s computer, the client tests it
§  Acceptance testing

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