Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BSNL Internship/ Summer /In-Plant/ Industrial Training Procedure and details | B. Tech

There are over one million engineering seats in India. This means that nearly one million engineering students are in search of Internship every year.All colleges have made Internship compulsory for its students at least once during their academic period.

Finding correct internship and getting proper certificate is a big trouble for most students.

B. Tech students usually go for paid industrial training at companies like BSNL, Bio-tech parks, NTPC, etc.

Many of my IT/CS/ECE B. Tech. friends are doing internship at BSNL office near their local residence. According to one of my friend BSNL charges INR 2500 for such training however if you have any relative or so called "JAAN PEHCHAN" in BSNL then you can get some discount.

What happens in such training ? Some guys who have done this kind of training have informed me that virtually nothing happens at such training but best part is that you get your certificate. You just have to note down what all work different departments do at BSNL and for this simple work you get a certificate for training.

Please note information provided here is to the best of my knowledge . In case you have any additional information then please feel free to post.

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