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Best and Top Low cost website design and web development India


Most Indian company and small business owners in India want to get to their business online. Demand for web development and website designing company has seen a rapid rise in recent years in India. Due to increased knowledge of online trends and potential of Internet even local business owners are looking to get their websites designed at affordable prices. If you are one of those information seeker googlers who came to this blog surfing about Affordable website design, Website design cost or professional website design services then you are in the right place

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Website Designing Cost/Price in INDIA

So lets deal with this one by one. First lets talk about cost. Cost is major factor that drives the choice of service and product in most cases. Their are two kinds of costs involved in website making. First is cost of raw materials like domain and hosting. Domain is registered name for your site. This can cost you anywhere from INR 99 to INR 1500. dot Com domains will cost you roughly INR 500. Second thing that you will need is web hosting. Web hosting is like space on internet where you can place your website. Its cost depends on amount, bandwidth and quality. Godaddy is number one hosting provider. INR 3000 - 4000 would be cost of 150 G.B. which is more than sufficient for any business.

Now if you are buying hosting from any small company then it might cost you lesser as they will only serve you a part of their hosting, frankly 150 GB is lot lot more than need and believe me even 1 G.B. would be more than enough unless your site is loaded with high resolution images and videos.

Next price is cost of development and service. This charge depends on the company you choose and type of site you want. Flash and jQuery powered sites are usually charged more. This cost will depend on level of appeal you want in your website. Most company will charge you based on number of pages that they design in your site. Cost can vary from INR 100 to even INR 1000 per page.

Best Affordable and professional website design solution

Best way to get your professional website at lowest cost is to ask students to do web development for you. Hiring freelancer students to work for you ends in creative and dedicated work as well as lowest development costs. Students usually look for such opportunities as projects and are very eager to work even without profit or at very less profits.

How to find students for web development ?

You can easily find good engineers and developers by posting opportunities at site like letmeknow.in or tweenty19.com You can also ask you fellows studying engineering or MCA to look for good developers for you. Also search for freelancer India and you will find number of sites that will help you to make use of reverse bidding to get developers. Posting in forums and online classified sites can also help.

In the end my final bit of advise is that please do lot of research before hiring any individual or company for website development as reputation of your business depends on your site. Always have a look at their past works and match it with level of sites for your competitive business owners. Make sure that your money is well spent. Try to save money but don't compromise in quality. Money saved is money earned.

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